A garden is like having an additional room

In many countries, but specially in South Africa, a garden is like having an additional room.   Due to our climate we really are outdoor people, we love to braai and entertain, and where better than in our own garden?  For a landscaper, when asked to design a home garden, it is very important to know something about the home-owners lifestyle.
Do they like gardening or do they prefer to have a low maintenance garden, or a water wise garden?
Do they have small children, in which case they might want lots of lawn for the kids to run, or maybe a large tree or two for shade for a sand box or jungle gym. Perhaps the owners like outdoor entertaining and would like an area for a braai or for outside table and chairs. These factors are important for the design of a new garden but also for a total re-do of an old garden. Shadrack's Landscaping will keep all this in mind in his planning, he will know which requirement needs to face North/South or East/West. The climate of the area is also of utmost importance for the plant selection.
Then there is the perimeter of the garden, are there high, solid walls that we are able to make attractive with trellis or perhaps pattern planting?  If it is a large garden the landscaper can plan 'rooms' with a pergola or two, meandering pathways or a narrow stream with a bridge or two.
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