If at all possible, a water feature is a MUST. As with the landscaping, we at Shadrack's Landscaping need to know something of the family life style.
If you are outdoors people it might be a great idea to have a softly flowing water feature near your entertainment area. It would also be advisable to have soft flowing water near a patch of grass if you like to do yoga outside. The soothing tranquility of water will be great and most beneficial to stressed people. Imagine a slow flowing stream in a wooded garden and you could hang a hammock nearby?
On the other hand you might have a fence or wall with loads of noisy traffic on the other side. You would then want a water feature to drown out most of that noise, which can also be achieved.
Bird lovers..........! there are some features which the birds particularly love! When it comes to deciding on which water feature to have installed, keep the following in mind. Very small children, cleaning of the pond and cost.  There are MANY water features which will be safe to install even if you have small or crawling children, just be sure to mention this to Shadrack.
Cleaning of a pond can be awkward for the elderly but here again Shadrack can make a plan by installing a draining pipe. Remember, the more sun the water feature gets, the quicker the algae will grow. Also placing it under a deciduous tree, is not the best plan! Lastly cost needs to be taken into account. Water features need not be expensive at all but if you want to go elaborate (like a water wall) then the price will be considerably higher.
Having considered all the above, I still think a water feature in your garden is a MUST!
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