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Shadrack Shabalala from Shadrack Landscaping is in business for more than 15 years and has extensive experience in residential landscaping, town house landscaping, water features, irrigation systems and garden lighting.
Shadrack was in charge of landscaping and developing a private game park in the Thabazimbi district. It took 10 weeks and during that time he was on site 24/7. This game park was given to him as a 'blank' page, except for the chalets which were already being built. All the pathways from the chalets to the main lodge, pool and parking area were designed and built by Shadrack and his team, they looked like natural flat rocks and were really fantastic.
Also the surrounding water wise gardens were designed and planted. The parking area for 25 cars and 3 busses were not neglected. As if this was not enough, the completed area (5 hectare) was irrigated with huge pipes and booster pumps - all to Shadracks specification.

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